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Welcome to dmg.fi – a main source for all finnish bmx activity with a dash of current events, media and pretty much everything.

At the moment we decided to skip the english posting – besides small exceptions, because we felt that we wanted to provide all finns ”a easy to use and enjoy”-site. By no means we feel that our foreign visitors are less important, and we are trying to figure out an easy way to provide quality content to you guys. How are we going to do that? No idea.. yet. We have since added the tag ”eng” to the posts that we´re also posting in english.

Anyway, we also suggest you check out posts in the category ”Kotimaan katsaus” which provides you with the latest and greatest videos from Finland. Plus, the tag ”finnish” shows you all of the posts regarding finnish bmx-scene. Enjoy the site and send us feedback and questions in the comments!

Oh, and most importantly: If you have anything you want to share with us, info@dmg.fi is the address you can send ideas, questions and pretty much anything!

-dmg.fi team


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