411: Antti Rissanen

Antti Rissanen, kesäyö, tuplaflair. Tsekkaa video itse, ei tätä tarvi sen enempää meiän selitellä. Alla myös Antin saatesanat koko hommasta. Onnea myös ukkomiehistumisesta Antti!


Sorry for few weeks of not posting anything here. I got married last Saturday and have been crazy busy with the preparations of the wedding wink emoticon Anyhow now I have something cool for you I’ve been waiting for way too long to be able to show. Back in June we went to Tampere with my friends Teemu Lautamies, Lars Scharl and Juha-Matti Pouta where I wanted to try the double flair – the trick that has been some sort of a holy grail in the BMX scene ever since Kevin Robinson did his first double flair in the X-games Vert back in 2006. When Colton Satterfield nailed his double flair in this year’s X-games BMX big air it got me so stoked on the trick once again that I wanted to go for it and try to send it to dirt.
Almost one year of planning, one unsuccesful trip to Germany, one totally destroyed frame, lots of planning and building of different versions of ramps, plenty of help from our friends, one mid-night session in Tampere under Finnish mid-summer sun and sore neck muscles are what it took to land the trick.
Stay tuned for the documentary edit of the process that lead us from having this crazy dream of stomping the trick to the point where it became reality.
I want to thank especially Juha-Matti Pouta from all my heart for all his help and effort he put on this project! Without him we wouldn’t have been able to make the second session happen and the results could be totally different. So THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!
The video is made by Teemu Lautamies Creative and photo sequence of Lars Scharl Photo can be found from the newest issue of FREERIDE Magazin! So go and buy a copy to read a full story of the project that me and Lars went through. It’s in German though so you might want to wait for the documentary edit! Subscribe my new Youtube channel ’Antti Rissanen’ so that you won’t miss any of my new videos!
As I’m posting this I’m also happy to tell that I’ll be part of Finnish Töttöröö Network which covers many of the coolest Finnish Youtube channels and I’m very curious to see where this co-operation will lead me to!
Big thanks to my sponsors Transition Bikes, Spank Bikes, ContinentalMTB, SAUNA beanies & wear, Pöllöt and etnies for their support as well!

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